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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disability Allies is now offering group online classes, as well as virtual one on one instruction.

Virtual Classes

Each class will be 55 minutes long. You can use your DDD budget or pay out of pocket. Each class will cost 15 dollars or 4 Prevocational (Group) Units from your DDD budget.

Virtual One On One Instruction

We are offering virtual one on one sessions in the same subjects as our classes. Each session will be 40 minutes long and you can sign up for 2 sessions a week for each subject. You can use your DDD budget or pay out of pocket. Each session will cost 35 dollars or 3 Prevocational (Individual) Units from your DDD budget.

How To Sign Up

CLICK HERE to register online.

Instructions regarding the classes and one on one instruction will be provided after enrollment. You can participate via webcam on your computer or smart phone. If you don't have a webcam we will try to accommodate you. The classes and one on one instruction that you sign up for are reoccurring on a weekly basis. You only need to sign up once.

Participation in the program is subject to our discretion. Due to the high level of interest some classes may not be open. If any class is closed you will be added to our waiting list.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team listed under the section "Contact Information".

Contact Information

Harriet Shander
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classes And Subjects

We will be offering the following subjects for our classes and one on one instruction.

Life Skills

In Life Skills, students will develop their emotional awareness and social skills . This is their opportunity to express themselves freely in a safe and friendly virtual environment.


In Recreation, students will have the opportunity to enjoy their time with others while playing various interactive games.


In Reading, students will listening to books read by the instructor and have discussions about the book to help with reading comprehension and literacy concepts. We will also be working on creative writing pieces and playing reading games to encourage creative thinking.


Interactive space where music is our thing. Come prepared to share your interests, sing it out and learn in a style of games.

Computer Tech

Computer Tech will address and explore the skills necessary to be successful in the working world-including Computer Component Fundamentals, Keyboarding and Microsoft Office Fundamentals.

Fine Arts

Learn artistic technique combined with your authentic self- expression. Feel encouraged to be you as you tap into your creativity. Feel the freedom and joy of your inner creativity.

Web Design

In Web Design students will explore the basics of creating a website and the fundamentals of programming using SCRATCH and other programming tools.

Graphic Design

Learn the technology and theory to show your talent in visual art and graphic design. You`ll learn how to become a skilled visual communicator through various mediums of digital art and design theory.


Students will have fun learning monologues, writing their own scenes, and playing theater games based solely on team building and communications.

Culinary Arts

In this class you will be learning about different foods and how to cook them. You will learn about nutrition as well as sanitation and safety in the kitchen.


Below is the schedule of classes that we are offering in a group setting. If you choose to do a class on a one on one basis you can work out the schedule with your instructor.


9 to 9:50am - Life Skills
10 to 10:50 am - Life Skills
11 to 11:50 am - Recreation


9 to 9:50am - Reading
10 to 10:50 am - Reading
11 to 11:50 am - Music
Noon to 12:50pm - Music


10 to 10:50 am - Computer Tech
11 to 11:50 am - Fine Arts
Noon to 12:50pm - Fine Art


10 to 10:50 am - Recreation
11 to 11:50 am - Web Design
12 to 12:45 pm - Culinary Arts


10 to 10:50 am - Graphic Design
11 to 11:50 am - Theater